Modelling a wasp's eye

Hello everyone,

I have this project of modelling a wasp but I am feeling blocked on how to model the eyes accurately as the shape is, I find, quite complex!
I have tried several methods:
_ Duplicate the head, duplicate the vertex and move them around.
_ Start from a UV sphere.
_ start from a plane and then use poly build.

Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to be getting it right! I am a beginner and know very little about sculpting for the moment so I am trying to do it with the “traditional” modelling method.
I would be very happy to hear how you folks would approach this little challenge!
I am attaching some screenshots and my reference pictures!

(images removed by @bartv)

Looking forward to your input
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d start from a low resolution plane or cube and use sub-d to get the shape right.


thanks for your answer. The head hasn’t been a problem but I am more specifically struggling with the eye. I have duplicated the head, kept the part I would need to model the eye, used a sub-d modifyer and then extruded the shape to integrate it to the head.
Here are two screenshots of the result I got:

I am not happy with the way the two shape blend into each other. Is there a cleaner way of getting this? I think my mesh is not well structure enough and ends up in this jagged line.
The method I have used also makes it very hard to have good control of the eye’s depth.

The workflow was also a bit unpleasant because of having to hop in and out of transparency with two shapes. There must be a better one…

Any input welcome :wink:

You can keep the head and the eyes as a single object and use the edge split modifier to separate the edges:

Hello LordoftheFleas,

I would like to thank you warmly for passing on the link to Arrimus 3D channel. It is an incredible source of knowledge. It has helped a lot but also has contributed to open up new perspectives on free form modelling.
I am attaching the current result of the head I have done. Could be a lot better of course but mesh after mesh things will get better!

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looks quite nice already!

I removed the two photographs as they appeared to be from Getty images. Posting work that you do not own the copyrights to is against our terms of use.

Hey Bartv,

Yes of course, sorry I didn’t think about this.

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