Modelling a wooden rowing boat

Last night I thought it to be a good idea to model a wooden row boat for a frozen lake, winter scene I am planning. Sorry if the model is inaccurate, I did it last night whilst I had no internet, and therefore no references!

I have very little experience of modelling, having only ever modelled the companion cube, car wheel, a giraffe and a sledge the rest of my modelling experience comes in the form of mashing up plains to make terrain.

I set out modelling the boat using arrays and curves, and I think it is quite adequate for my scene, but I would like to know, for future reference, how to neaten up the edges and make curves that fit the profile of the boat instead of relying off guess work.

If you look at the back render you can see that it is very messy, I have no idea how to tidy it up other than adding some sort of rim so cover it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


well first you should get some cross sections drawings for whatever boat you want to model !

then you can begin to model may be using nurbs curves to shape the hull then add your planks ect…

can you upload the file so we can looks at it if you don’t mind sharing it ?

but to add details if you have only arrays then you need to convert to mesh then you’ll be able to join and add more details i think!
but not certain what you have right now !

hope it helps

Not a bad boat. As for messy stern, they don’t build the stern that way you know. Stern is typically built flat. If you don’t, even the real boat builders work will look exactly like yours! The lapped joint hull boat like yours is called Clinker-planked. Vikings built the ship like that. By the way, lapping needs to be the other way; planking long edge faces down not up.


Thanks Guys!

I will have to look up NURBS. as that is something I am not at all aware of, I have only ever box modelled.
I have attached the .blend if you want a looksies, it has all the stages of my working split over the layers. I think it is pretty illogical and has the current model on the 4 layer. But I am not sure :slight_smile:

Aaah, ridix, you seem to know your boats! :wink:
Sorry about the inaccuracies with the planking! I assumed in my naivety that that would be more water tight!

I think I will have another shot at building it with NURBS and all your advice!


Boat .blend (560 KB)

a i said to make a nurb contour you need some cross section drawings to follow
like front side top ect… if anymore

then when this outside skin is done you basically have the shape of the boat
then you can add some plansk following this contour of the boat

but you ahve to try a few times before it beco,es easy to work with
so patience and practice here are the only way out! LOL

i tough you add your planks with array modifier here
but no that’s not the case you did one mesh model for all the planks

one trick here for planks

now ounce you have the boat shape you can use retopo or shrinkwrap to apply some plank shape onto the side of the boat then extrude out to give planks some 3D thickness!

happy 2.5

alos planks need to follow very close to the boat shape see pic

so don’t make your plank too big or it’s difficult to follow the shape anyway!

have fun with boat

here i made several piece of plank over each other but then you can join all theses and simply manually extrude along the boat shape
or may make this a curve shape then use extrude along path
and you simply add one curve along the baot shape add this curve shape as a bevel shape to the path curve

butthis may not work if the height of the baot changes along the lenght
then you may have to adjust the height also manually afterward after converting to mesh

Thanks man! I will have a shot with the techniques you have shown, Really handy for furture reference.

Just thought you guys would want to see how it turned out once it was put in a scene, textured and rendered :slight_smile:
I had a little go with the NURBS But I have still used my old model. Thanks for the tutoring though! :smiley:


That is a very pleasing image. :yes: