Modelling and texturing Lantern exercise

I make many mistakes couple years ago. This are fast model which I make many years ago as small background object, you can see that I don’t care about accuracy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
However, my advice is that move glass from main body, because Painter will calculate AO on glass. This led to weird stuff when you make material. I see this many times. Also be sure to make glass on his own map.
My old attempt

ArtStation - 64.000 samples in Cycles


Hvala na savjetu :smiley: , ali kad budem imao 2 mape za jedan ovakav objekt, malo se cini nerazumno jer je ipak zamisljen kao GameReady, ili?

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I could say stuff about the texturing but I find this will help you more than I ever could


That looks like a great resource ! Thanks for sharing !

Sve zavisi od namene aseta. Da li je samo deo pozadine ili ce biti vidjen iz blizine - koriscen. Staklo je veliki deo lampe i moze dosta uticati na konacan izgled… Ako ce lampa biti “upaljena” dobra tekstura je bitna, mislim.
Mozes napravti posebnu manju mapu za staklo,ili ako ides na jednu mapu, mirorovati delove sa strane ( " dimnjake" ) da dobijes na prostoru, dati manje prostora nekim delovima ( iako je to protiv pravila :wink: )…
Nisam stucnjak, a na kraju krajeva zadnju rec ima narucioc. Za Unity postoji neki kruncer koji kompresuje teksturu drasticno, tako da cak i za VR projekte koriste 4k mape.

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The glass look odd to me. Would you mind to show your shader and texture so I can se what is goong on?

Looks cool. Gonna watch it for sure, thanks!

I did it substance painter, so can’t show you shader. Can send you substance painter file if that’s ok

Actually, just the base color texture would be enought. :wink:

Sorry for waiting, I was on vacation.
Here you can see base color is light, mettalic to 1, roughness not 0 because I want that a bit less transparent since it’s dirty, same with opacity, don’t want it too intense so it keeps those dirty details.

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