Modelling array of holes into mesh

I’m practising how to model my Kitchen radio. On the top of the model it has many holes, I’ve used subdivision modifier on my mesh. My first attempt was to deactivate the submodifier and make an array of holes, but once I turned on the subdivision modifier again, it was extremely unclean mesh.

So what would be the best way to achieve the holes on top of the mesh?

Thank you.

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I had to deal with something like this recently, creating a missile battery, with an 8 x 8 array of tubes.

After reconsidering because of difficulty with Booleans, I decided I would subdivide the surface, select the verts, Shift Control B them to the right size, and then extrude the resultant faces down inside. If you subdivide the edges which resulting from beveling the vertices, you should then be able to make them all circular.

Hi Shinseiko.

Can you please share a link with this method you recommend, I’m fairly new to Blender and would like to see this demonstration.

Thank you.

You can create one hole piece and replicate via array modifier.
Then place it on the radio with shrinkwrap modifier.
If you satisfied with the result apply the modifiers and fill the undesired holes and attach the mesh into your radio. The last step would be difficult and time consuming, specially if you are new.
Here are two links about that to give you the idea of it:

Alternative extend the holes plate and just put it in the right place.

No, but Ii can give you step by step, click by click direction.

In edit mode, Select face you wish to make holes in.
RIght click, select Subdivide from Right click context menu.
Set number of cuts until the number of verts looks right ( you should be in vert select mode for this) select all of the verts you wish to turn into holes.
SHIFT CTRL B, set size to what you want., set number of segments to 2 this gives you a grid filled octagon in place of each vert.
Now select the faces inside each octagon.
Click on the extrude tool in the sidebar, move the control (the yellow thing) until the faces extrude into the surface a bit.
Now in the menu in the bottom left corner of the viewport, set the depth to what you want. Bevel top edge of each hole slightly and you will be done.

I hope this helps.

Thank you, I hope this is what you meant, it does look clean topology.

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That’s exactly the result I thought you were looking for! I’m glad this method worked for you. It is a good way of generate clean topology, which makes life so much easier.

Happy modeling, and may the source be with you…