Modelling disaster :(

hi , i’ve donde the character animation bsod and many other tutoriasl of blender , i though i could model something , so i tried , but it was a disaster , the head looks like a stone men , here are some shots ,

how should i model this litle friend? tricks please?

ummm how I would go about modeling something like that would be the same way I would model a human face, just much less complicated. Get two views going (front and side) and then start with a plane up where the bridge of the nose would be on that lil guy and than just extrude edges and line them up with the picture. Also using the mirror tool will save you from having to model both sides. Thats pretty much how I would do it and it just takes practice I guess.

sooooo cute! a little droopy in a pitiful kind of way, which makes it adorable.

anyway, start with the nose-a uv sphere, scaled in the x a little. then the head, use head modeling. The arms and legs and torso are good candidates for a rod as a start. use vertex groups (see the wiki) in case you want to animate and/or split off (like you decapitated him inthe photo!). Use your reference pics as backgrounds when extruding, The ears could be extruded bezier curves, or converted to meshes and beveled.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.

thanx , i’ll try that way ;D