Modelling excercise

Hello, thought i would post the fruits of my labours. This is my first effort at a larger model. I know its not exactly original but it serves a purpose. To learn how to see a project through, to solve curve ans shape modelling problems ect. Appreciate any feedback. Any thoughts on the lighting and clay render? Took me a while to find something i liked.


Very well done

Impressive work. Can you post a wireframe? would love to see the topology of this mesh :slight_smile:

Trust me, you wont be impressed by the wireframes. :no: The legs, feet and details are fine, the head and body are very high vertex to get around edge sharpening and thickness issues. I could go in and clean it up a lot i think.

@rickypurnell - Aah, understandable mate. That sounds like a good description of half of my models topology too lol. Regardless, this is still impressive work! :smiley:

Any plans for texturing and materials?

Yeah, i’ve already made a start with the blue metallic material, but I have other projects i need to get to first. This will now be a side project time filler. i’ll post an update eventually though.

The modeling is fine, buy the “clay” render looks washed out.

Try BI’s AO to get more contrast. Or if you want a cycles clay render, set the diffuse bounces to 0 along with a white background.

Looking forward to an update :wink:

In regards to Scorpius’s comment, all that was needed was some levels adjustments, this one has much better contrast :slight_smile: -

Quick note, you may want to look at R2’s right foot, the wires don’t seem to be plugged in to the slots! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback guys i’ll adjust it. Regarding the foot, its a mirroring issue, i’ve also found a few other small mesh issue i’ve now fixed.