Modelling handprint?


I’m reasently work on a quite simple cylender form, but a challange is that I want to make a hand print on it. Like somebody tryed to take it and leave the trace of the hand.
I found it very difficult to do it so it follows the form.
Do sombody knows tutorials or maybe existing work, or something I can use as an inspiration or help?

A high poly solution would be to use a hand mesh together with boolean modifiers.

Displacement modifier?

that is what I was thinking. make an actual hand print with ink, scan it in, and load it as a texture set to effect displacement.

Thanks for help. I’ll try displacement modifier. Looks like a right thing.

You can also try to use the print for Dynamic Painting and then not the paint one but their is one that looks like you have touched it.
But you can use dynamic paint also for animations and not just a picture.