Modelling help

So i was wondering how you could model a good quality gun like the one in andrew price’s Ballard of the m4 carbine

All the tutorials i have looked at are to do with box modelling and it doesn’t get a good result.

His is obviously different and i was wondering how that could be done

  1. Get references
  2. Start modeling

Come on, if you want help you need to be a bit more specific, post pictures of what you are trying to make, and explain your problems.

Modeling is important, but the looks have lot to do with doing the good texture job.

There is a gun as one of the main models worked on in this book.

I wanna know how to model the guns in this

Download the blend file and look at its general model structure.
Do a google/youtube search, apart from the human head, modelling a gun seems to be one of the most common modelling tutorials. Don’t rely just on blend tutorials, modelling in all 3d packages are all basically the same so can all be applied to blender.
Just give it a go and if you have a real problem, ask a proper question.