Modelling Problem

Hi, im new to the forums but I started Blender a month ago.
Now im wanting to create my own thing, a quite detailed house but got stuck on the wall part.

What the problem is that basically, i make a cube and extrude it into a larger one. To create the walls i selected the top face, and then E+esc, then scaling it to 0.9. Then i hit X and selected faces so it would create a nice wall all to the bottom. But its strange because if you look inside the cube it has no walls, so when i attempt to extrude a hole in the wall for a window its completely flat, so there’s no wall.

:(So then i thought, instead of hitting X and deleting selected faces, i simply extrude the selected faces all down to the bottom. But the problem still happened but it was less bad. When i tried to extrude OR use X to delete a hole in the wall for a window or a door perhaps, this time it was still flat but there was barely enough room in there or something?

Am i doing something wrong?

Someone please help :mad:

can you post a screenshot? :wink:


did those work?
anyway all i want is a wall or something not that flat thing. Is there a way to add depth to the cube or fill it in?

Here is good tutorial on building a house. It’s done in earlier Blender version but the basic method is the same.

I think i found the problem.
Is there a way to somehow “fill” in a cube or give it depth instead of it just being completely hollow?

solidify modifier?

yea I tried that but there’s always a hollow space, its never fully filled.
So is there even a way to do it?