Modelling quickie: Cargo Container

Hey all,

I’ve decided to just do short projects for a little while just to get some practice in with blender. I’m going to just work on this for a couple of days (or less) so that I finish something but don’t lose interest. My inspiration is from Call of duty 4.
Here’s my progress:


Learn from my mistakes :slight_smile: :

The corners have little holes in them for chains to be put through, I didn’t put those in mine and now it looks funny.

The bump map looks good, just need one on the door now.

Nothing else to crit yet, make sure you make yours look dirty and not brand new like I did, it looks stupid otherwise hehe

wow looks good, I am also making one, but its not as good as that one. Remember, textures make up about 75% of the model itself. If u have a crappy texture, then it completely destroys the mood.

Get free GOOD textures of boxcars at:

looks good man
remember, textures make up about 75% of the model.
So… Get a great boxcar texture at:
it really has pretty good old boxcar textures

Thanks man, I was reading this post while taking a break from making those boxes…LOL.
Anyway here’s a small update:

Yeah that already looks better than the crap I made haha.

Thanks man.
Some changes:

Sorry it has been so long since I updated but I’ve been really busy. Anyway here’s an update. Please give me any critique you can.


looks great but most cargo containers actually have two doors that open outwards with handles on them. kinda like the back of a semi.

I started one of these a while back and gave up after about 5 minutes. This one is coming along very nicely.

That’s what I just started on.
Minor update:


Please give me any critique you can…Here’s some more work on the doors:


Those “holes” aren’t there (just) for chains, they’re there for twistlocks, so you can secure them on the trailer, and I would imagine it’s similar on the freighters as well.
They’re not just on the corner, look at real life containers.
And yes, most if not all containers open with the doors going outwards, it’d be a waste of cargo space otherwise. Come to think off it, I’ve never seen one that opens inwards.

containers are cool. they contain things.

looks great dude, and I’ve got one of these on our property at home. are you planing on doing the locking mechanisms and handles on the doors?

Yes I am, that’s what I’ll be working on next…I’ll update when I have some progress done. :slight_smile: