Modelling Reel - nothing special

Hey guys,

well I just uploaded a demoreel I created in the context of my admission at the Nad Center in montréal. A 3d animation school.

It’s basicly just a fast edit of some of my best models. Check it out, leave me your comment here or on vimeo.

The music was done by Derek McTavish Mounce.

ps: I was accepted at the NAD center! :slight_smile: even received a more than decent scolarship!

Very very impressive. Is this for a movie project?

nice job!:smiley:

Well done! I like your modeling. Also like the texturing on your Spartan (that looks like a Halo soldier) - amazing!

i like the first fighter thing most but the rest looks great too

Good medelling, great use of topology, amazing asortment of your best projects. The reel could have been paced a little better, there were a couple of mements when things stopped, and it took any sort of momentum out of the demo reel. Its not supposed to be a powerpoint presentation.
Mostly this is fully of awsome.

“nothing special”… demo really shows some great technically modeled models,
Nice work !
and thanks for showing, this was a good break to watch the demo

congrats !

WOW :eek: ! I enjoy in watching this… Very nice organized demo reel…

Very nice work! Was all the modeling and rendering done with Blender?

thanks guys!

eknight: yep, even the editting was done in the sequencer. Pure blender video.

Your models are amazing! About how long have you been using Blender?

Not just modelling, but also top-notch texturing, compositing, lighting…

If I was to be critical (yep, that’s what happens on this forum) I’d say you never really step outside a very certain style of sci-fi modelling, but hay! now you’ve been accepted on the course, who knows what will happen?

very nice, I love the detail you put in your models, and the way you composite them into the backround images.

I liked watching this very much, those are great models, and the whole video is very enjoyable. I remember some of the models, and fondly think about the times of the legendary “Ecks vs Alltaken” challenge. :slight_smile:

Great work, and congratulations that you got accepted.

Very nice demo reel, Ecks.

Congratulations on being accepted and on the scholarship!

I know you will do extremely well :slight_smile:


That’s beautiful work, man! And congratulations on your acceptance to the NAD center.

You should submit some stills to the gallery if you haven’t already.

Very nice modeling! :wink:

Thanks everyone! Very appreciated :smiley:

N00bhaxor: tx, a bit more than 6years on and off I believe.

yogyog: yeah totally agree here. I plan on trying to get more organic modelling done this summer. Thanks for your critics :slight_smile:

tcrazy: tx :slight_smile:

Sanne: Aah…good ol’ days. Wish we’d make a new one. Could be interesting.

RobertT: Thanks, always appreciate your comments. And good luck on the f1, voted for you :smiley:

Quantum Anomaly: Most of the images in this video made it somehow in the official Blender gallery or in the blender demoreel for the different siggraph conference. but thanks for suggesting!

MrNoodle: Thanks :smiley:

Hey Ecks, that’s an excellent modeling/lighting reel you have there.

More than just modeling for sure. Very nice reel.