Modelling Shoe Strings

Anyone have any techniques on how to model shoe strings? I can’t find any tutorials, even on google.

you could use a bezier curve to define the shape and path of you string
you could define a shape then the path curve and apply the extrude along path

and for the teture yu can go to the 3D repository and get the rope texture
this would give a better loook to your string


see [pic of a string


Use Velcro. :smiley:

Seriously, I think, unless you’re doing a close up, most laces are painted on rather than modeled. Look for tutorials on making rope.

Like this:

[oops] I meant as in a shoe string on the shoe, laced up + tied. A rope would be to easy to model.

If you’re wanting shoe laces tied in a bow which flipflop up and downs while the character runs, you could use the same technique people use for fast rendering animated hair: paint them onto flat transparent plances. If you use a decent normal map, you could even manage to get them looking round.

As Orinoco has pointed out: just how close are you wanting to get to them?

Its for a high poly bake over a low poly. I want them super detailed, but not moving… not animated…

the bezier cure can take any shape you need
with knots if you wish in 3D to represetn a laced string

it’s up to you and whatever shape you need and texture