Modelling shoes help pls

I’m trying to create these shoes. Can someone guide/teach me on what do i need to do to make my model look more like this?

First i’d advice you to get more reference images. Never work off of 1 reference. With these 3 images, a lot of your errors will become very obvious.

Secondly, is you shold have planned things out from the beginning. How did you for instance plan on making the stitches along the shoe? Does the topology follow a simular arc as in the reference?

Perhaps you dont want to hard model the stiches, but instead use shrink wrap?

Also i hope you’re modelling things as individual meshes, as its not nessacary to have them all as one mesh.

Another thing, try to maintain a non destructive workflow for as long as you can, i can see a lot of modifiers being used in this project.

Hope this helps, have a nice blend :slight_smile:


First try to create the basic model… then think about texturing them.
With good textures there is no need for detailed modeling…
So I think that will make your work easier
Or make a good plan and start from low poly, so after adding the fine details

Sorry my question wasn’t about texuring lol i should’ve been more descriptive. I have individual images that i’m using. right, left, top, and bottom. My issue is whenever i model shoes the toe round part is what i always have trouble with and i’d like to be taught on how to do the toe part better

i never said anything about texturing

The basic model is usually what i have trouble with on the toe part in every shoe that i attempt to model

Okay. I’ve used all angles of references to create the model that i have. I need more help with the toe part of the basic model.

and the only modifier i’ve used is Subdivision Surface.

I can see you benefitting from Shrink wrap, lattice, array, curves, lots of modifiers to keep things non destructive.

And regarding the toe of the shoe, as i said, keep each mesh as separate objects.

Yeah all of those are meshed separately except the basic shoe. So i’ll try to model the toe seperately. and use all the modifiers you’ve suggested

Something i threw together in 1 minute.

Thanks! I’m a better learner when I have video showing steps lol This helped a lot.

I just give you my opinion… sorry dude.

No problem!