Modelling Study - A Strange Old Man

Hi everybody!

Here’s a little piece that came into the world by accident, while I was experimenting with Blender, trying to compare it’s modelling capabilities and paradigms with the ones in Wings (I normaly model in Wings). The “strange old man” is a result of an attempt to model not using a volume modelling approach, but by starting with a simple set (usually several groups of connected vertices) that define the general features of an object, then extrude them into shapes and finally combine them into one integral object (IMO Blender is much more suited to this approach, volume modelling without n-gons is really a pain in the behind).

The look and feel of the work is somewhat influenced by Jeremy Engleman (one of the few people in the 3D world that really deserve to be called artists) and by some late 19th and early 20th century sculptors.


P.S. The ear isn’t missing, It’s been intentionally left out :wink:

Good job on the mood and surreal look, makes it look as if there’s mistery behind it or something unexplained.

I think he got hitted with napalm in vietnam :slight_smile: