Modelling stylistic fur/hair/spike

Heya all,

Is there any proper workflow for modelling this kind of stuff?

My attempt:

Will attempt making another model tomorrow with more loops at the hair area so that the hair increases in width and decreases in length. Before I do that though, is there any better way to go about modelling this? Main problem I am having is controlling the topology of the face since I need to move vertices before I extrude the faces to make the hair.

the hair has an organic flowy feel to it, which cannot be made easily by normal modelling. I would suggest beginning by sculpting it, and then retopo, UV unwrap, normals bake from high to low poly. this is a pretty standard process but if you are unfamiliar with it just say so, and I will clarify.

Any tips to model this using poly modelling? I can’t stop here and learn zbrush for a year before continuing.

You don’t HAVE to learn Zbrush (although you should if you want to be a modeler, and it certainly doesn’t take a year hehe), the whole process can be done inside of Blender. You could check the cgcookie tutorials about sculpting and retopo in Blender.

EDIT: Now, if you want to do it using just poly modeling, keep doing it as you were. There’s really not an easy-fast way to organize the topology for that type of modeling. Just do the basemesh first, and then start to create cuts, loops and holes in the areas the spikes will be extruded.

Even if you sculpt it first, the retopo stage will also be about trying to find a good edge flow for the model.


i would say either sculpt, or model a referance image. sculpting is quicker, and easier.
you could also model the referance. dont worry about topology when ur making the referance. just make it look close to what you want it to look like.

Think I will pass on modelling this. I cannot image the topology at where the fur and the face joins. I have been extruding faces from the head to create the fur but I think the proper way to model this should be to model/sculpt a fur ball and model/sculpt the eyes in which is too hard without any 3d reference/sculpting.