Modelling TIP - Eyes for my Baker model

Hello all.

I’m currently working on creating the Baker character using the turnaround from CGCookie at

Currently, I’ve finished the character structure (some tweaking is needed), and I’m having some trouble on how to go on with the eyes. Here’s my current work:

I wonder if anyone have any tips for me? I’m willing to accept anything from one-line tips to links to tutorials, but I really want to do the work myself.

I want to eventually make it a full-rigged char.

Thanks a lot,

  • Luis Sergio Moura


I recommend looking through David Ward’s channel (, who’s one of BlenderCookie’s authors, by the way. He has an awesome series on modeling cartoon characters (the Tim series).

Thanks a lot! I believe that’s the right way! Loved the “distorted eyes” tutorial. I guess I’ll go that way…