im a newbie with blender and i search some tutorials , but i dont find tuts where it is explained that what i want , i want to model every object out of ONE model but all tutorials i find explain that i shall ad a new object and move to that position where i can find a tutorial which explain how to model every object out of one object?

Why would you want to do something like that I wonder?:confused:

You start with different types of object - plane, cube, sphere, cone etc. because they are the quickest and easiest to use for different shaped models. For example, a picture frame - clearly it is better to model this from a 4 sided plane than it is to use a circle. Conversely, it would be foolhardy to model a basketball from a plane - you’d use a circle or a sphere.

If you really want to start from scratch, Delete the default cube and add a plane
Now, delete 3 of the vertices.
You should now have 1 vertex. You can create anything by adding to this point.
Select the vertex the put your cursor where you’d like the next vertex and hit Ctrl-LMB.
These vertices will automatically be joined by an edge.

To create an edge, select 2 vertices and press F
To create a face, select 3 or 4 vertices and press F
NOTE: You must select the vertices in a clockwise order for the face normal to point towards you.

eum… it seems you dont really understood what i mean…:no:
i added a pic where its easy to see what i mean (its out of a tutorial)
there the snowman is out of spheres which only been moved to an other position.

(i dont want to model a snowman , i only added this pic because there its easy to see what i mean)

Um no, it seems I grossly misunderstood you passssi. Sorry 'bout that.

Do you mean, you’d like to select the object - and when you do, all of it’s components are selected too? E.g - If you select the snow-man’s nose, then the body ball, the head ball and the nose are all selected?

If so, RMB select an object, then Shift-RMB all of the rest of the objects. Hit Ctrl-J to join these objects into one mesh.

If you Tab into edit mode, you can edit any point on the whole object - head, body, nose.

Hopefully I’m with the program now,

And if I understood you correctly, you mean different meshes, 1 object. Stay in edit mode. In edit mode keep adding different meshes. All those meshes is one object still.

i mean that i dont want to add a new object as “nose” i want to make the snowman out of one (simple) object and “pull out” the nose and the other snowballs not add a new mesh.
before i startet with blender i´ve modeled with wings3d and with this it was possible to do what i mean (it was a bit easier to use , and a full different interface and the modeling has better and worser things but there…) , but now i wanna start with blender because it got much better things… sorry for the story if forgotten to stay by the thread…

with one object i mean enviroment 1 object trees (every) 1 object snowman 1 object not all as one object

I may be wrong but it sounds like your wanting the extrude tool. Just select the verts/edges/faces you want to “pull out” as you put it and press e. Hope that helps

Try BSoD/Introduction to Character Animation. It’s for beginners, but it is a bit more sophisticated than “add a cone to make a snowman’s nose” type of tutorial. I think it’s what you’re looking for.

thanks it helped a bit

Here are a some more sophisticated video tutorials, Modelling a Female Face (scroll down to the bottom) and a three part series on building the house.

It would help to know what kind of modeling you are interested in: people, architecture, mechanical, cars, planes, cartoons? All have somewhat different styles and modeling techniques.

it helped a bit thanks.
but 1 other question: ive startet to model a coca cola glas bit this coca cola logo which is on the glas , how can i model that ?

If the logo is painted on the glass, you can UV map the glass and use the logo as the UV image. (See wiki on UV mapping.) Median is making a two part tutorial on making a coca cola can, but the second part, which shows how to do UV mapping, isn’t done yet.

If the logo is molded into the glass, then what I’d probably do is start by modeling the logo, then, once the logo is done, shape the rest of the glass around it, rather than starting with the glass and trying to fit the logo onto it. One of my basic modeling principals: start with the hard part.

Use a coca cola logo as a background image, and trace out the outline with vertices connected by edges (Ctrl+LMB).