models from my BGE game

Nothing special, justs my low poly SV-51 from Macross Zero (10k polys),
Still work in progress. Later I will show its transformation.


sick!, i like how the wings are kinda jagged… although that would make it easier for radar to pick it up its still pretty awesome.

Some update on SV51
The model is for the game, so 1kx1k texture and 15k tris.


Great model. I read about the game, a very interesting idea to use the player’s strategy. I like it, but the purple just doesnt look right to that mech, i would go for the grey you had before, and maybe turn the yellow into black or something. but that’s just my opinion. Really nice model, better than what i can do :slight_smile:

I dunno what kind of planes you’r interested in, but i know a plane from a video game called the AD-01A Falken that is really cool. Maybe you would like to take a look at that.

i want to see it morph

I agree about color, thanks. As for AD-01A - I saw it before, but unfortunately it does not fit into our concept

Specially for you, TRANSFORMATION!


damn that was slick … thumbs up

That morph is SICK!
and the new paint schemes good to