Modern Apartment

Hey guys, really keen to see what you think about this render. Its my second shot at interior rendering so id really like to know I can improve.<-- some other work


The Lighting looks like it doesn’t have a source, a realistic one that is, hence it doesnt look real Lighting is the most important thing, However everything else looks Good. Have any more Pics and how much of this did you do.

Hey Jeremia906, everything in this blend is created by me over a weekend, the light source i struggled with because my aim was to have it coming from a huge glass window which is positioned behind the camera. I think ill also dial down the blue tint, Thank you for the reply ill give it an update soon. <-- For some of my other work

The vignette and the colour balance make it look like night, with a light source at the camera, such as torchlight or diffuse flash. If daylight is the intention, turn down the vignette and turn up the lights.

Normally I would ask what is the light set up, but that wouldn’t be appropriate for ‘Finished Projects’.