Modern Bathroom Interior Design

Simple modern bathroom interior design, made with a reference image form Instagram. All models and materials made by me.

Samples : 5000

Render Time : 23 hours

ColorCorrection in Photoshop Cs6

All Feedback is accepted!

Nice render, however, the floor could use some more work, the bump seems to be a bit different than what one would expect, the texture seems a bit big. Also the scale of objects seems to be off. I would recommend using real units - the door handle is usually around 1 meter from the ground, so the shower head and the ceiling is really really low in that case, if not, then the door handle is really really high, also the windowsill is unusually thin, it’s usually around 3-4cm thick. Some sort of skirting board is usually present. I would also recommend removing the lens flare because it would not be possible in an interior shot like that and it is extremely rare in interior photography.

Nice… i don’t have enough knowledge to advice… Keep good work Bro

Nice job! But I agree that the scale of the texture and the furniture seem to be a bit off. Using real measurement is the key ;). The droplet on the glassdoor seem really big. The rug seems too bumpy. And overall, the scene look empty. Not that much work to do, just correct the scale of the texture will be great!