Modern Bathroom Interior

First project in 3 months really looking forward from some critiques :slight_smile:

Nice floor!

Skirting boards are missing. It would make sense to have something by the white wall, it would get dirty when mopping otherwise. Recessed maybe to match the modern style. A gap would still be visible. The frame of the window does not look very convincing to me as well. Looks like there is no glass there. Toilet paper placement does not seem very convenient. Other than that looking at it I wish to see more of the room.

May the devil take Andrew Price and his Poliigon’s dirtifing textures.:stuck_out_tongue:
Light is off.
Vertical lines skewed.
Color artifacts everywhere.
This house floats in the sky.
Nothing but essentials stuff to poo, wash dishes, take a bath. Who lives here? A monk? Leonidas I king of Sparta?
In your shoes I would put it in work in progress section and… work on it.