modern Bathroom

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on a bathroom project for a while now and i’ve dicided to make a WIP thread ofg it so i could ask for some info or critics.

Wel here are the images as they are for now.
This is a view from the side, as you can its missing some objects and the lighting is far from perfect (i will work ont that later)
a few more.

Does anyone know why the window light appears to be gray? (i used area lights for them)

Well hope you like it and if you have some tips i would like to hear them!

well u might wona take that glare off the wall from the lamp iluminating it

the light from the windows may apear gray for several reasons, the light doesnt actualy make it through the window becouse of your material settings on the glass, the light sourc itself may have that collor OR its just not ccoretly positioned

i like the renders but they look soo fogy for some reason

You may want to turn OSA on to get rid of all the aliasing jaggies.

ya it looks foggy for some reason!:confused: But still it could be a cool effect if used correctly.How did u do it?

I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue: ill post my settings soon,

As for the grey light, There is no glass in the windows and the arealight are just plain white, so is the sky.
I haven played with the OSA alot becouse i am still not satisfied with te setings and the whole bathroom.

Thanks for the relpy’s

Make it a bit brighter=D The modeling and texturing looks good.

Here are my yafray settings, there are a lot of low values there i know, but when i make my final renders i wel pump ehm way up :slight_smile:

A few questions:

How can i get the light to look white
What is all that fog?
What is a good way to add a nice realistic bathroom light?
What would be good settings for the picture?

Thankyou all that have been replying!

oo wow, doesnt that window color hurt ur eyes

Yes ofcourse, everyone picks colors that will leave their eyes in pain:D

@ Red_XIII: sorry I cant really help you with the yafray settings. Im still figuring that out too. But your area lights are positioned horizontal. Light usually comes in at an angle, especially sunlight.

haha no not at all, but by the compression process they came out a bit weird ( they are really loking kinda cool night style ish), and i use a laptop schreen witch makes them a lot softer.

AO? Try to play around with the settings. It takes longer to render but the results can be better than what you have.

Just had another go at rendering (still low setting’s ill try a high one soon).

Ive added some objects and another camera, I allso played around with the area lights a bit. But still the sky looks grey and every thing is cloudy :frowning: does anyone know what this grey light is?

It’s grey because you have gamma up to 2.035 and Exp is on. Exp can make everything grey, and gamma can make them gray, too. Turn Gamma down to 1 and keep the Exp setting. And don’t foret to put the light intensity up.

nice dude, care to render it with AA

@henrymop: Thanks alot :smiley: thats a great tip

I made a higer setings render yesterday (night) and here it is

As you can see the lights are still grey because i havent read your post yet.

A few things need work, the modeling of the bathtub still looks a bit dull, so does the wood around the edge, The door/window thingy is to small. And why is my glass green? :slight_smile:
The lightning needs alot of work aswel!

anyway thanks for your reply’s! ill keep working on it

Oke its been awhile, i Finaly fixed (thanksto henrymop’s tip! thanks alot!) the lights but its still long from perfect.
Does anyone have a good tip on were to place some lights to make it look a bit more real?

Maybe you should improve the lighting.

I know but does anyone know how? :slight_smile:

Well, the sampling is really dingy and cloudy and could really benefit from a lift. What are your Yafray settings?

These are the setings that i used for the last image (except i dident have the redefindment)
Futher, the Light sources are thre area lights with 1.0 energy and 5 sampels

Would it help if i just crankt everything up?

I want to reach a photorealistic look, does anyone have any pointers on the modeling/texturing/bathroom/settings that can help me?

Thanks for your reply’s so far!