Modern Colonial Kitchen

This is a recreation of a photo found on a decor website. I liked the rounded shapes with modern lines inside of a colonial style room. I used fSpy to match up the camera to the reference image and assembled the scene in Blender 2.9. A few of the assets such as the books and food models are from free online asset repositories. Everything was rendered in Cycles with the only post processing being the denoise node in the compositor.



hey karlb,
this is a solid recreation, some details are missing but overall it’s good.
I think your reference is also a 3d rendering :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for the feedback. I am wondering if most of the missing detail is lighting related? I was wondering about the reference too! LOL Oh well, the project is the same concept :slight_smile:

I meant that some little details are’t same on your render and photo like:

  • strap on bag is missing
  • template above the wine bottles
  • some reflections e.g. sink
  • your floor is made out of wood

as said, great recreation.

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