Modern Dining Room

Hi again,

This was an exercise in using cycles for composing and rendering a simple shot and attempting to capture a photo-real feeling. It is not quite where I want it to be and simply ran out of ideas and time.

Any feedback/recommendations would be greatly appreciated for my next project :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!

Hmm, this works really well, the only thing that really harms the photorealism at a glance is that your glossy materials are so perfectly clean… even on a photo shoot for a magazine nothing is that perfect… otherwise rather solid work.

Beautiful images! I love the lighting and textures.

Great detial! Love the pillows.

Wow, I actually like this a lot! Especially the render of the chairs being de-focused like that really gives it nice depth. The only thing that kinda gets me is that I think there should be some kind of soft bounce light on the back of the chair and desk at the very top render on the left. Its kinda dark. Overall render is really good to me though.