Modern exterior

Hello! I present you my last render. A modern exterior, designed by me. Everything modeled in Blender, render in Cycles. 2000 samples. The original render is 4000 pixels. Rendered with a Titan in about 6 hours. Grass and tree leaves are particles.

Here you can find the original resolution (right click on image and download original)

Well, nothing more to say so far, so I wait for you comments, critics and questions! Bye!

Amazing work , can i ask how do you lighted up your scene ?
HRDI + sun lamp ?
The water is just great , the more i look on the render the more i like it.

Awesome composition and cool design! Fancy sharing the grass setup?

That is awesome

Thankyou all.

Yes, the lighting is made with an HDR and a sun lamp.

For the grass, once I made a tutorial. It’s in Italian, but I think images attached could explain well.
I attach the zip with all the material.


tutorial (4.37 MB)

looks like a nice place to live :smiley: great work!

Fantastic grass. The whole thing is great but the grass sells it IMO.

:wink: u already know

Thanks for the tutorial , will see how is my italian…
Can i ask you another question ? did you use CLAMP settings in your render ?

Yes I use it. I set it between 5 and 7 usually.
Thankyou for your comments!

Just used your Grass tuto , its coming out really nice, thank you!

The gras is awesome… very realistic! Thank you for sharing your tutorial!
And I realy like the Pool (water and tiles).

I guess you used the AO pass to enhance the shadows, right?

Do you used non progessive sampling to reduce the rendertime? If yes, would you share your settings please?
Is it strait out of Blender or did you make post-pro in gimp or photoshop?
A lot of questions… sorry!

Thankyou for you compliments! No problem for questions!

No, didn’t used AO. I made some postproduction in Photoshop. Saving in hdr gives much control over light and shadow.

No, I didn’t use progressive sampling. To reduce render times (and make this render possible) I needed to buy a Titan. This scene uses a lot of memory, due to the heavy use of particles, and textures and geometry for the interiors.

Really nice render. It seems the secret to realistic renders is HDRI and sunlamp.

Achitecture is very beautiful, even though it makes cycle eveything.

Thankyou guys! I didn’t think to have architectural skills before this!

This is very good. I like the water.

Very good scene, but the colors are wrong. Scene setup is for a warm summer/positive/ day(specially if u do for advertising, never use cold tones) but image tone is for a winter/cold/depressing day. Do a white balance on image and change to a warm tone.
U could try a very soft vignette and very soft glow after ;). The warm tone will raise the contrast and saturation.
Anyway, very good job. Grats

Thankyou for your comment. I’m sorry but the white balancing is intended, and whatching the colorpicker, the sunlighted wall is a little on warm tones, while the shadows are with cold colors. But that was all intended to do so.

There is a bit of vignetting, but probably not enough?

Hey there! Old thread, i know, but i got in here and i just wanted to ask… First, this render looks amazing! Really, I showed it to my lil brother and he thought that it was a real photo! Second, may I ask how did you light your scene? Did you use one a blurred HDRI and/or a sunlight? And that sky, how did you achieve it? Anyways, thanks for showing us your work and sharing your grass tutorial! :slight_smile: