Modern Family House


I’m following the Architecture Academy and here is my entry for its final competition.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.
If you have any comment, feel free,

Very nice work…looks as if you learnt a lot from the academy…I wish I could have afforded it :frowning:

Love it! Great job!!

Very nice. Great job. Couldn’t do better. :slight_smile:

I personally would redo tile wall. It is too tiling IMHO. Also would remove those small white flowers away from the grass (look too artificial and all like the same). I would also us sky that doesnt get overexposed and those trees behind the house tend to look too symmetrical, so would make each unique or atleast scale and rotate them individually.

Hello nice render. I agree with the above comment. If I were you I would remove the flowers. I would also work a little more on the small pool water. But nice level of details.

Thanks all for your comments :slight_smile:

I must admit that I did not take much time on the grass part neither on the background…
For the flowers, yes I should have work a bit more on the grass and maybe put something else and/or making the flower more realistics.
To be more realistic, I should have use tree object instead of an image …
Well as a lot of time, it’s a matter of time and memory…

Peter18, it will reopen, but if you cannot afford it, there is still all BlenderGuru’s tutorials. I learned blender through all his tutorials.

I’m really happy you like it, and thanks very much for the comments, I’ll keep that in mind for next projects.

Proud to say that this was in the finalists for the Architecture Academy’s final competition.
Andrew added the following comment:

Lovely combination of natural materials and nature. The grass looks fantastic, as does the interior and pool surroundings.
Really great work!