Modern House Archviz

Hello people! I have been making this scene inspired in the Mirror’s Edge exteriors and I thought how could be a residential space. I use several items as a reference, like buildings, construction style, design style and lighting. After this, I have put the light and vegetation to give a ecological space. :herb: :deciduous_tree:

I hope you like it, this image was made using the octane render engine, resollution 3000x3000 px set up a time and optimized to make this image free os noise whitout the denoiser in 3 Minutes. :grinning: :grinning:

HDRI: HdriHaven.

I have more designs in my instagram : ArnelaDesign


This Work was made entirely in Blender 2.93 :blender_logo_64_png:


here we have a screenshot to see the details of the model entirely made in blender

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Nice one :+1:
Have you used some vegetation addons?

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