Modern House Tutorial Series

Hey Guys!

Just finished a 2.5 hour Blender tutorial series on creating a Modern House in blender! Check out the playlist below:

Enjoy and keep on blending!

Nice tutorial, but the one major thing that irked me was the fact that you just approximated everything, instead of actually measuring it out. I’ve done some arch-vis myself, and I always measure things out to their real-world dimensions (everything from deck planks, to doorways, ceiling height and wall thickness; to windows, stairs, counters and cabinets.)

Architecture is standardized to an almost scientific degree now, and those building codes are available on the internet for anyone to look at. Maybe I’m just a stickler for specifications, but it seems like having exact measurements to go by would make the modeling process go more quickly and smoothly.

Hey Man, Thanks for your input. Your right I didn’t take actual measurements in Blender, but it is completely built to scale with actual floor plans, so it would be easy to scale the entire scene to actual real-world measurements.

I have to agree with Zokk here. While the final renders may look very good, if you’re ging to do archvis, you’ll probably be doing it for a customer, such as an architect or real estate agent. That means you can’t just “wing it”, but you’ll have to follow blueprints of some sort, usually a *dwg or *.dxf CAD file.

Btw, this isn’t a criticism of your tutorial, which was very clear and probably easy to follow. Andrew Price, whose tutorials are mostly wonderful, published a whole series - The Architecture Academy - which didn’t contain a single realistic user case (but still had a lot of useful details.)

There are a few tutorials on Youtube covering Blender, dwg, dxf, Autocad aso.

Again thanks for your thoughts, I do follow actual house floor plans in this tutorial though, so everything is built to scale of real-world blueprints. Agreed this is pretty basic, but even for a smaller professional project I would think it would be perfectly adequate.

Nice tutorial … Im in house engineering, so, it’s clear that i will base my work for archviz on my knowledge ( who is really helpfull when doing archviz ), i will effectively have a base (2d or 3D), in general from Autocad, so even for technic parts i have somewhat a base library that i use when designing house, that i have available…

Ofc my workflow is quite different using dwg dxf files that i have created and not a scanned floorplans.