Modern kitchen | Rendered in CyclesX 3.0 branch (alpha)

As you can see this is modern kitchen scene. Imported into Blender 2.93 from and assigned materials. Final render rendered in CyclesX 3.0 alpha branch and rendered images are took 12-15 minutes per-frame. Hope you like it! :wink:


i liked it, but the lighting was hurting my eyes, so i downloaded those two and tried to change what i could in lighroom, just as a practice ^^
what do you think of the results ?

( the 2nd and 4th are the edited ones )

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Thanks for the tip. Edited first post :wink:

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i just lowered the exposure and added some contrast trying to bring back the burnt out areas ( specially the lamps ) thats all :v: and that helped bring back the textures of the wood in the rest of the areas ^^

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