Modern Log Home Bathroom WIP

I’m almost finished with this scene, based on a model home I walked through (, and I just wanted to see what you guys thought, and if anybody had any suggestions for any improvements I could make.

The scene is lit by one HDRI, and the 3 point lights you can see in the fixture above the mirror (emission shaders on the bulbs are for look only, they don’t actively light anything). Render settings are 1080 x 1080 at 100%, 2500 samples, with denoising, and clamp indirect set to 3.0. I’d be happy to share any other screen shots or node setups, so just ask :slight_smile:

Part of the problem is your choice of lens and possibly anisotropic rendering: that corner does not appear to be square. The angle beween the two walls appears to be acute, at the ceiling, but not at the floor. You have selected a very wide-angle lens in an effort to get it all in.

I see what you mean, but that kind of thing isn’t uncommon in indoor architectural and real estate photography, so that was just a compositional choice on my part.

I’m mainly looking for critique/suggestions from a technical standpoint, to make the final image as photorealistic as possible. For example, I’m not completely satisfied with the glass next to the shower, and would be interested in hearing any ideas on how to make it look better.

Well, “therefore readily conceding your point as being ‘par for the course,’” I would next definitely agree with you that … “well, that most-certainly isn’t a shower-door!” For one thing, there is absolutely nothing to support it. For another, it precisely(!) coincides with the window. For a third, there is absolutely no specularity that would suggest a surface, no “edge” to suggest thickness.

I would, I think, definitely create a rod, and also separate the sight-line of that rod from the sight-line of the window.

(And: “I have utterly no idea what that little parallelogram above the window is supposed to be.” I say, nuke it.)

(but, then again, maybe my poor opinions in this case mean nothing at all, and in which case so be it.) :slight_smile: