Modifier applied to whole object but not applying to top face

Hi, I’m new to blender :slight_smile: and having a problem that I can’t figure the answer to.

When I apply a modifier to an an entire mesh I find that the top face is always unaffected, for example on a cube mesh with a bevel applied, the edges that connect the top face to the side faces do bevel but in a fashion that leaves the entire top face intact.

Initially when I discovered this problem I assumed I had just made a mistake at some point in my modelling but later discovered this applied to all my meshes, even at the start of the process with the cube that loads on start up.

Dose anyone know why this could be happening?

Can you show a screenshot showing the problem and highlight what you were expecting to happen. Also upload a blend file that demonstrates what you are seeing. Upload blend to

I have just found that after deleting the start up cube and adding a new cube mesh or any other mesh and modelling from there the problem resolves itself and when apply modifiers all its edges work as I expected.

But thanks for replying all the same.

Perhaps it’s a bug as this happens on every new file, I’m not sure.