modifier: array; rotation possible?

Hi folks,
I haven’t used the modifier “array” before but I saw in files of a friend of mine how beneficial it can be. Anyway, what I was trying to do is duplicate vertices and place them another 3 times each rotated by 90 degrees.

I figured out how to duplicate vertices not rotated but moved on the x-, y- or/and z-axis by using the array modifier and also how to duplicate them by mirrowing them (with the mirrow modifier) but I haven’t figured out jet how to rotate the duplicates jet. Can someone help me out?

Rotating the duplicates would be very beneficial in my case.


Place an empty at the same location as the object, and name it in the object filed of the array modifier. Then translate the empty, and the array will move around for you. Remember to make the empty a child of the object , in case you want animate the object itself :slight_smile:


nice, this works. many thanks craigomatic