modifier key for short cut


Assigning a regular key as a modifier key in the short cut editor does not work in blender 2.65.
For example, bsurface is assigned to DE.
But whenever I press DE, blender ignores the modifier key “D” and it just extrude vertices.

I have deleted my preference files.
But that does not solve the problem.

Does anyone encounter the same problem?
Blender 2.64 and below works fine.

Yes, same problem. But it’s slightly more weird than that.

I assign D+E to +1 frame
Object Mode = +1 frame
Edit mode = Extrude

I assign D+A to +1 frame
Object mode = Select All
Edit mode = Select all

I assign D+R to +1 frame
Object mode = +1 frame
Edit mode = +1 frame

I seems like unassigned keys and G/R/S (edit: also spacebar) can be used. Everything else I’ve tried overrides the combination.

edit: have you checked if there’s a bug report, or plan to file one?