Modifiers not supported in sculpt mode?

In Blender 2.56, I was able to enter sculpt mode to tweak the mesh as I was box modeling, but I’m getting “Not supported in sculpt mode” for the mirror and subdivision surface modifiers now in 2.57 (stable release). Am I missing something here? Has this process been changed? It’s so convenient hopping into sculpt mode to tweak things.

Mac OS X, Intel, 64 bit version of Blender 2.57

Same problem here, The Mirror and Subsurf modifiers turn off when I select Sculpt Mode :expressionless: . In Blender 2.56 I could do it.

Opensuse Linux 32 Bit, Blender 2.57 stable

From the Blender Development Blog:

Seems that some modifiers aren’t supported that made it into 2.57. I guess the only way to use sculpt mode with mirror and subdivision is to keep a copy of 2.56.

Creo que todos tenemos el mismo problema, me deshabilita los modificadores cuando entro a sculpt mode
I think we all have the same problem, I disable the switches when I get to sculpt mode

Windows 7 32bit Blender 2.57 stable

Looks like Nazgul gave us back our sculpt on subsurf workflow. Yay!
Release 36485+ - tried it out and it works good.

Commit by nazgul :: r36485 /trunk/blender/ …
Own TODO item: sculpting on constructive modifiers
-Constructive modifiers are enabled by default in sculpt mode.
-There’s option to disable all constructive modifiers in the “Options” panel of toolbox in sculpt mode,
-Use one column in options panel to make strings easier to read
-No modifiers would still be applied on multires

Edit: For those who don’t know… it’s a common workflow to jump into sculpt to smooth and tweak subsurfed model instead of selecting vertices/faces to push/pull or smooth/relax through menus.

Thank you nazgul!

i cant use the mirror modifier in sculpt mode either, and im using 2.56 beta
is there a fix for it?

Where can this fix be downloaded?

I downloaded the latest version 2.57b from the website. The mirror modifier still does not work in Sculpt mode.


Latest official release is what you downloaded. The fix won’t show up there till next official release. Later revision builds can be downloaded at

Mind the filters. I’m 32bit XP so I click windows, 32, trunk… which links me here

You can also find optimized and experimental builds at Graphicall (Dynamic Paint, Ocean Sim, Freestyle render, etc).

Btw there was a way to see a latest commits log (where I found the revision info I posted about the sculpt fix) but that service has apparently shut down. Haven’t looked into an alternative method yet. Back to “surprise!” mode till then I guess.