Hello, I am working on a model of DNA, and I just want to know which modifiers to use.:confused:

Depends on what you model and how you want to represent the DNA strands. You might look at stright up modeling and using the spin tool for creating your curve, or maybe you decide to use an array modifier and an empty to offset and turn the resulting array. Post up your efforts here and we can have a look and make suggestions.

Hi !

I remember having made some kind of tutorial about modifiers having the DNA double Helix as model a while ago.
It was created for Blender 2.4x…

All I did was to make a shape, did an array with and empty as an offset object and applied a rotation to the empty. Never mind the mirror modifier in the window, I just didn’t apply it while making the simple shape.

Pretty simple example, but took like a minute to do. Depending on the complexity this may or may not work. I also see that Craig had suggested this as well.

Here is another modifier stack that does the trick.


DNA-000.blend (340 KB)

Thanks :slight_smile: It helped me very much