Modify Cage button missing in SubSurf

Guys, I have a doubt. I recently downgraded from 2.9 to 2.8.5 due to some crashing issues, and today I was following along a hard surface modelling tutorial when I noticed that the “modify cage” button in my subsurf modifier is missing. It was there in 2.8.4, am I missing something?
You can see that I have only 3 buttons instead of 4 in the modifier.

That is normal behavior.

You are restricted by Bevel modifier that is affecting mesh before subdivision surface modifier.
Bevel modifier is generating geometry. Because of that, there is no modified cage available in edit mode when effect of this modifier is applied.

There is same behavior happening when you use other Generate modifier like Boolean, Remesh, Screw, Skin…
Modifiers with limited amount of buttons are bounding amount of buttons of following modifiers.


Awesome. Thank you so much. I never knew that.