modleing a human? need desperite help!

hi everyone.
i’m trying to create two human girls (children) and i can’t find any tutorials that will help. i have a human head base mesh but i can’t get the details right and the every time i try to make even the base mesh for the charaters i can’t get it right. dose anyone know any tutorials that will help? a while ago, i tryed make human but everytime i imported the files or even tryed to save the makehuman file, something went wrong. i had fauts in the meshes and i couldn’t rig them. it was just a waste of time for me.

try with simple smaller examples,
maybe like this one:

look for other examples how to setup reference images and adjust the mesh.
If you are new to blender (or new to the new blender-2.58 interface)
then take some short-instructions like this (there are a lot others, use google to search)
for offline usage:
here is a nice short summary in pdf-format for the
new and (to compare for old examples) the old blender-interface:

and for online usage use the blender-wike and … google to search about what you want to do.

i’ve been useing blender for a while but in that time i’ve only ever done simple humans because i’ve manly been focusing on animals and fanticy. i’ll take a look at the tut