Modo-Houdini-Blender Exchanger


I have made a simple but very useful mesh exchanger for Modo/Houdini/Blender. It will allow to exchange static models just with one click. Also, it will help to move to other soft easily.

Modo plugin works for Modo 801 and higher versions.

Aim of the Exchanger project - move meshes between apps for modeling/retopo/sculpting/uv/painting.

The code is located here:

Download the zip file:


Modo forum:
If you have any problems with installation - just ask me here.

Here is video test:

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More Goodies !!!..thanks much…

Fun while it lasted…Scripts Mon Aug 17 14:16:18 2015 Info C:\Program Files\Luxology\modo\801\extra\Scripts\ex_code\
Mon Aug 17 14:16:18 2015 Failed ERROR: Unhandled exception @ <string>: line 4; No module named modo
Commands Mon Aug 17 14:16:46 2015 Failed script.implicit failed
Mon Aug 17 14:16:46 2015 Failed Script execution failed for “C:\Program Files\Luxology\modo\801\extra\Scripts\ex_code\”…error in Modo on trying to export…901 only ?

Does your Modo version is 901?
This is for 901+. As I used new Python API from here .

Nope …only have 801…maybe someday…mostly wanted to see how a Fusion created mesh would come into Blender…but really… thanks for all your efforts…your tool sets are excellent.

Need help
I have porblem too. Blend looks ok to export object . But my modo failed to export or import after i click the buttons .
When i click “export button”, Modo send me the error “Argument Parsing Error.Command does not have an argument named"C”"
"Script execution failed for “C:\Users\lijianjian\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Scripts\ex_code\”
Error evaluating script:Unhandled [email protected]<string>:line 75;command argument parsing failed

When i click “import button”, Modo send me the error “Argument Parsing Error.Command does not have an argument named"C”"
"Script execution failed for “C:\Users\lijianjian\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Scripts\ex_code\”
Error evaluating script:Unhandled [email protected]<string>:line 18;command argument parsing failed

I set modo and blender patch both to my Documents “C:\Users\lijianjian\Documents\Exchanger”

My modo is 901sp1 , My system is win7 64.

Thanks for the feedback. It seems it’s windows path issue on Modo side. I tried it to fix. Could you download the modo plugin again?


Thanks for yopur Replay .I download the plugin again, It looks modo still can not export or import object.

When i click the Export button. Modo give me a error
“Info: Failed to export FBX,error;File not created”
"Scene save wass unsuccessful-- Failed
File"C:/Users/lijianjian/Documents/ExchangerC:C:/Users/lijianjian/Documents/ExchangerC:/Users/lijianjian/Documents/Exchanger\exchange.fbx:"not writte.

When i click “import button”, Modo send me this error

"Script execution failed for “C:\Users\lijianjian\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Scri pts\ex_code\”
Error evaluating script:Unhandled [email protected]<string>:line …ocuments/ExchangerC:C:/Users/lijianjian/Documents/ExchangerC:/Users/lijianjian/Documents/Exchanger\exchange.fbx:(80000000)

The Patch looks strange . I just past this path"C:\Users\lijianjian\Documents\Exchanger" to modo path field.

Can this be that you pasted 3 times in the path ui? try deleting the path and paste again, please. Will it help?

Also if it does not help.
Try to change this line in the exporter

Just remove the last part of the line " .replace("\","/") ".

Will it help to export?

Big thanks.

I will try when i go home. Maybe i made this mistake pasted 3 times in the path ui . But this tool is realy useful for . By the way, this plugin support normal smoth group , uv sets ?

I have just asked my buddy on windows. And he said all works ok.
Groups and uvs work ok.
But i switched off custom normals. Need to add them as a checkbox

Hello, Mifth i saw some great addons that you create, and i think you are one of the right persons to do it.

Do you know, Artmesh?
for now is a free 3D mesh generation software, that use the notepad to interact with the user.
here is a screenshot:

here is the web site,
you can find more information and free download.

i saw this video on youtube that shows an inplementation in Rhino CAD with Artmesh software.

If you have the time and knowlage,
can you create a, GUI (addon)in blender to interact with this software?
Would be more fast intuitive to use with in blender, especially in conjuction with scupting and product design.

@sergiopt Thanks.
I’m only on linux. And i’m on modo more now.

ok, thanks

Hi mifth , i need some help.
My modo now works as i wish . But ,blender addon can not let me import object. Export object is ok ,but when i click import ,blender give me this error
"Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\lijianjian\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.75\scripts\addons\blender_exchanger\”, line 134, in invoke
bpy.ops.import_scene.fbx(filepath=model_path, axis_forward=’-Z’, axis_up=‘Y’, global_scale=1.0, bake_space_transform=True, use_custom_normals=True, force_connect_children=False, primary_bone_axis=‘Y’, secondary_bone_axis=‘X’, use_prepost_rot=True)
File “C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.75\scripts\modules\bpy\”, line 189, in call
ret = op_call(self.idname_py(), None, kw)
TypeError: Converting py args to operator properties: : keyword “use_custom_normals” unrecognized
location: <unknown location>:-1


Great that Modo works ok now. :slight_smile:

Try to download latest build fom blender:

I guess blender importer was changed. I used 2.75 python api for the blender addon.

Thanks, Everything is ok when i using lastest build .

It’s nice to know that it works on windows. :slight_smile:

This seems like an excellent addon mifth, thank you. I’ll definitely check it out whenever I finally upgrade from Modo 801 :stuck_out_tongue: