Modular dungeon

Hey guys, recently I started making modules for dungeon, and each module has a diffuse,normal and specular map. These are just the basic ones, have to do few floor tiles, pillars, stairs, etc etc… Have it all in low poly, just sculpting takes a little time. And who knows, if it turns out ok maybe I will sell it online… Any comment is welcome. :slight_smile: Made with Blender PS and GIMP.

It looks decent. Perhaps add an end piece with the protrusions on only one side? The masonry itself looks rather clean though. An old dungeon would have moldy, dirty stone with dusty cobwebs, seep stains, damaged blocks, accumulations of dirt, dark stained corners, mysterious worn markings, and so forth.

I think these look great! I’ve been developing some game-scene modules myself, so I’m interested in seeing what others are doing. Are you going to leave them ‘open-air’, or will there be ceiling pieces?

I’m big fan of Baldurs Gate so this is meant to be without ceiling, when i started doing this I’ve made my mind so that I don’t have to do a lot of details on sculpting. Anthony if you make anything post it here or send me pictures, I would love to see your work. I ve just got home from work and first thing that I ve done is start Blender. This program is addiction…

An addiction??? I haven’t been able to stop since I started 4 months ago! HELP ME!!!


I’ve already made a lot of pieces for a road kit, but that was easy. Just basic road sections that can connect to make roadways, with a lot of the most common road markings available among them for a wide variety of set-ups. That taught me how important it is to make sure your textures will line up with each other and not leave seams. I have about 30 different pieces I’ve made.

I’ve also made a few tunnel/warehouse components, which are my first attempt at making modular structural pieces for games. They’re very basic at this point. This is a (not very good) shot of a few of them joined together. Each piece is a little different, so I can have some variety to break up the repetition:

Here’s the blend file so you can see all the different pieces:

I just started making a spiral stairwell component last night.

It’s shown in wireframe or you wouldn’t be able to see much at all. I still need to work on the mesh some more, and then I need to texture it. I have little windows on a few of the levels, and I want to add some culverts in the middle column and on the inside walls for candles/torches. Sort of like what you have on a few of your pieces. In fact, I’ll probably model them by yours. :wink:

Anthony nice work :smiley: just keep up, I managed also to do a little update :smiley: having a lot of fun and don’t want to get out of the room… xD

This is a great idea
it already looks good and you should keep up the good work

Those chains look really good! The texturing looks good up close too. Did you make your own textures?

Thanks guys, I make textures in photoshop(or gimp) using base stone texture with Ao map and after masking the moss and overlaying color for breaking the uniform color. And from that i tweak the specular map

Guys, I have a little problem here. I made a tileable texture and imported it into blender to make a base for sculpting. Point is that because of the Curve to mesh action, mesh is not equally subdivided so i have in edit mode parts that are really close but loose. Is there any way that I can fix this in sculpt mode or is it better to snap it all together in this phase of work? I’m also worried that sculpting may be hard because of not so good topology…

Sorry, I can’t help you with that. I have no experience with sculpting or using curve-to-mesh functions.

Not a problem Anthony, I found a way to sculpt tileable texture. Thanks

Made a tileable floor, same process…

That looks really good, except I would make the stones look a little more worn down. You have some really sharp edges mixed with very round surfaces.

I’ll have to sit down and learn how to texture paint at some point. Relying on whatever I can find online just doesn’t cut it.

yeah i know, I’ve been doing it quickly so wasn’t paying attention. Anyway this wont be included in pack since it is first tileable texture that i made in 3d xD. Have to do a few more…I’ll post a rendered scene when i make one just right…

Well it looks really good anyway. It shows you have some skill in making textures.

Blender could really use a wrap brush feature… Would be faster…

Is there a seam in there somewhere? I can’t tell. Exceptional work!

Thanks Anthony :smiley:
Anyway this is now type of textures that I’m going for…
Here are two walls from first post with new texture.

I really like that! The moss is very well done, and the shapes of the stones looks very natural.

I can’t wait to see what else you produce…