Modular gimp?

I love modular.

When a program is modular is like coding, you can do anything you want or need.

So if the gimp was modular we could build our own tools.

This would also be cool in blender, for exampleit would be cool if the brownian motion of the particules could be used by an object or a material.

In gimp we could have for example,

one brush that paints one effect ( like noise ) or control the amount of an effect via a B/W mask just like an layer mask controls the apacity.

The gimp is a good program but they could improve so much, adding what blender has allrady achieved in workflow and thinking out of the box and doing a better user experience, faster,more customizable real time etc…

What you think ?

I think:

1 - There is no reason for Gimp to re-implement what modular does just fine by itself

2 - You’ve obviously never read about the ongoing development and integration of GEGL

3 - You don’t know what you are talking about

nope i dont really know what gegl is,

could u explain?

and yes i do know what i am talking about,

you may not know what i am talking about;)