Modular Tree

Sooo many gold, man! I myself would use that addon mainly for game assets: could you share some tips to tackle the balance between performance and aesthetic?

i would not recomend to use this addon for game assets => to high poly, but if you use Unity he made a great adaption of the blender version!

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You can create low poly trees. Why did you think otherwise?

I created some shrub models for my scene n.n
the leaf material is only one, I added a random object info for make variation per model.


Node setup please


Natural scene, All tree and bushes models modeled with the amazing Mtree addon <3


@Kumaran_sip @Renzatic
Really is very easy, is only a default tree with large lengh branches and gravity direction.

this is the twig used.


Awsome Enity :heart_eyes:

That 2 grow node are hidden

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I use they for eliminate final twigs in the branches, only define lenght in 1 and I disable “can spawn leaf”


Hey thanks. I have Modular Tree installed but I cannot see where to find it in 2.8 UI. Please show a screenshot of where to find it in 2.8. Thanks.

Someone said “When choosing the Node Editor, look for MTree Node Tree” but I cannot see it anywhere.

In 2.8, at the bottom left of the main window you can switch between 3D viewport, Shader editor, Image Editor, etc. That list also contains the M_Tree addon.

Thanks Nitram_2000. Yeah it’s not in there. I am on Mac and I downloaded 2.8 and the latest More version 3.0 but it’s not in there! Someone said I need MTree 3.1 but I don’t believe there is such a version. This is extremely frustrating.

Is anyone in this Forum successfully using MTree on a Mac?

You can’t make it work because you ignored my post above. You need to download 2.80 branch.


filibis, I didn’t ignore your post. I installed 2.8 again just minutes ago. In the latest download (today) (see image) it doesn’t specify 2.7 or 2.8 branch so unsure why it isn’t working.

He’s not talking Blender. You need to install the 2.8 version of the addon.

As @AFWS mentioned, that warning “upgrade to 2.8x required” at the addons section means you need a 2.80 version of that addon.

Post #575 shows how you can install 2.80 version of Mtree addon.

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Hey, thanks to all for the help. So big misunderstanding. I kept thinking you were talking about Blender 2.8 and not the MTree addon needing version 2.8. So after a lot of frustration I got it all working. Thanks for all of your patience. It paid off. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the addon.


Mh …
I try to get a working forest from modular tree generated tree. Using 2.79b.

Nesting particle systems wont work. I try to achieve it with particles or particle instance modifier. Struggling with particle placement. Twigs do not attach straight-forward to the branch particle face they belong to. If you have suggestions, it would be nice if you share them.

(limit particle numbers to 3 for render, to see single twig)

If I set (Particles/Physics/No), it places twigs onto branch particle system. But leaf angle does not work as expected.

Needed to do some workarounds, to get a working landscape scene.

  • Particle instance on twig, instead of ‘object render/twig’ on twig entry particle creating mesh. (Workaround, because particle systems cant be nested in a straightforward way)

  • Hand-Rotate twig

  • Hand-Rotate whole tree, to adjust tree orientation for landscape