Modular Tree

Whenever I add a the leaves to the tree it crashes on Mac. I’ve seen others experience this too. Any ideas why?

Also, MTree Addon is no longer in development correct?

Well, that’s kind of incorrect. Check these earlier messages in this topic by the developer:

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filibis, thanks. Glad it’s still being developed.

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Thank you so much!

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Hi Maxime, and thank you for your MTree add-on. Really nice approach to tree creation.

I am currently using version 3.1.0 (from the blender_28 branch) on Blender 2.83.1 and I was annoyed by the warnings about the annotations issue, so I decided to fix them, which I did apparently successfully (there’s still one issue but I leave it to you). Now all those warnings are gone and I’d like to send you in a zipped file all the modified files for review and eventually to merge them into your project (if approved). Do you have any preference on how to receive these corrected files? I made also several typo corrections here and there. Let me know, thanks and best regards.


I fixed also the last warning message (“PT” missing stuff). I might, with your permission, create a branch on your GitHub project where to apply all those changes, then you will decide what to do.
In the contrary, here is the add-on with my corrections. (1.2 MB)


This is going to be best vegitation creating addon for B3d,and also we need more simple control for branch placement like Disney’s Bonsai

Thanks @Harvester :+1:

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I guess the best way is to create a merge request on the project’s GitHub repository. This is a good tool to review contributions and it’s worth learning to use it :wink:

This is not directly linked to this topic, but once you have a tree like this (thanks Mtree ^^), is it possible to bake the textures with shadows, ambient occlusion, and so on? There are multiple problems to solve like baking for a particle system (leaves), baking transparency (if leaves are planes with a transparency map). I don’t even know if there is a good solution for this because of the number of leaves. Maybe I would have to find an intermediate solution like baking several leaves with different shadow and ambient occlusion and generate different particles systems…

Here is a light version of the blend file with leaf textures. Just extract, open, and render. (3.0 MB)


@Harvester for what version is it? i cannot find Mtree panel on View > Tool shelf after install addon

Because you have to use the Node Editor after switching it to MTree Node Tree type. There is nothing in the Toolshelf (T) or Properties panel (N), as far as I know. I “fixed” it in 2.83.1 and it works in 2.83.4, but I’ve just noticed a warning under 2.83.4. To make twigs you have to ad a Twig node.f

Hey there! I´ve been trying to generate a spruce or pine tree on my own but can´t seem to get anywehere near the spruce preset with my tree shape. The top branches always stick out and remain the same length after tweaking the convexity and other settings. Is there any special aproach to making pinetrees with the addon?

Set shape_end closer to 0 (check advanced_setting) and reduce shape_con not that much.

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Worked like a charm! Thank you very much.

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Where are you getting 3.1.0? All I can find on the GitHub is 3.0.0

Secondarily, a second question just in general. Does this work with Blender 2.9?

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Thanks much. DLed.
Now however – forgive my ignorance – what do I do with it? I have 3.0.0 installed. Do I simply replace the in that install (in users/me/appdata/roaming/blender foundation/blender/2.8/scripts/addons/MB-Lab) with this new one?
And yes. It installs just fine in 2.9.0

Select “Code” and download as zip. I was just showing you the version.

If you have a previous version of this add-on installed, then I suggest to remove it and install the current one for Blender 2.8/2.9. The version 3.1.0 is reported inside the file It apparently works also in Blender 2.90.0.