Modular Tree

Great work! I looked at your source and I have to say that they are very smart segments of coding…
I tried first to install under 2.81 but got a long list of issues one being that numpy is not the right version?
Otherwise under 2.80 and 2.82 your addon works correctly…
I am on Linux running Ubuntu desktop and I do not have issue with other addons.
However in both 2.80 and 2.82 I could not get your addon showing in tool see snapshots

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Hello. My suggestions:

  1. better leaves control - for example I haven’t figured out how to make them smaller on the end of the branches.
  2. pine tree needles preset in the twig node.
  • use_grease_pencil is buggy for me, sometime it creates first point of line somewhere in infinity on y axis, I might add screenshots later. Also it should use grease pencil instead of annotation lines
  • sometimes setting some parameter to 0 crashes blender (divison by zero?)
  • documentation
  • also it would be nice to somehow limit the crashes/freezes from accidentaly setting some parameter too high
  • being in edit mode of final tree and hitting update tree crashes blender
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you have to use annotate instead of grease pencil

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Hi, would like to use Modular Tree too but looks like there are too many problem with crashes in recent versions of Blender 2.81 so I will wait to see if the developer is going to update it. Please keep us informed. Thanks. :slight_smile: