Modular Tree

Great work! I looked at your source and I have to say that they are very smart segments of coding…
I tried first to install under 2.81 but got a long list of issues one being that numpy is not the right version?
Otherwise under 2.80 and 2.82 your addon works correctly…
I am on Linux running Ubuntu desktop and I do not have issue with other addons.
However in both 2.80 and 2.82 I could not get your addon showing in tool see snapshots

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Hello. My suggestions:

  1. better leaves control - for example I haven’t figured out how to make them smaller on the end of the branches.
  2. pine tree needles preset in the twig node.
  • use_grease_pencil is buggy for me, sometime it creates first point of line somewhere in infinity on y axis, I might add screenshots later. Also it should use grease pencil instead of annotation lines
  • sometimes setting some parameter to 0 crashes blender (divison by zero?)
  • documentation
  • also it would be nice to somehow limit the crashes/freezes from accidentaly setting some parameter too high
  • being in edit mode of final tree and hitting update tree crashes blender
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you have to use annotate instead of grease pencil

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Hi, would like to use Modular Tree too but looks like there are too many problem with crashes in recent versions of Blender 2.81 so I will wait to see if the developer is going to update it. Please keep us informed. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m new to Blender and using Node tree plugin. first off, Love the plugin, it works perfectly. However I have been trying to make a tree that has 2 trunks. or one trunk but splits at its base and branches outwards as 2 separate trees. is this possible in this plugin?


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Awesome, thank you so much for your help. this is great.

Very much appreciated!!!


Hi I’m trying this addon however I can’t find the proper way to texture the tree [create UV].
Would you please show me how to auto generate UV by modular tree itself? Sorry for asking but I didn’t find any tutorial or videos about unwrap modular tree. Thanks!

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Um Hi Maxime im knew to the blender-artist forum and all and i found your page, Ive been using modular trees for a while now but i realized that development has seemingly stopped and all, just interested in finding out what happened with it. I really love the addon and the features you promised and showed off looked so cool really just wantedto know hat happened because the suspense has been killing me since i found the plugin 5 months ago


he said he will continue work after unity version of modular tree got his update!


that actually answered two of my questions, I was gonna ask if he was behing the unity mtree as well, bought it 2 month ago and have been loving it ever since


Thanks for the plugin ! It’s exactly what I was looking for. First tree I made with it below (no textures) click to see animation tree

PS: I’m not allowed to upload files so the one above might not last forever

PPS: I found an interesting paper about simultaneous real-time rendering of millions of trees :


Amazed how easy this addon is to use and how great the results are, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to use more than one custom leaf for the twigs?

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Hej guys,

first of all thank you @developer Maxime_Herpin for the great tool.

I really enjoyed using it in 2.79 & 2.80. Apparently it’s no longer working while I upgraded to 2.81. Is there any news out here @maximeherpin i.e. developement-work conversion/adaption for use in 2.81?

Thanks in advance!

Works for me in 2.83 alpha (bonemaster branch).

Try removing the addon and doing a fresh install.

Hej @Botoni,

thanks for your reply. After reinstalling, everything works fine.
Feels like noob, gret.

Best regards

Is there any way to give different materials to each node? To have a material for the trunk, another material for the first split into branches and another for the thinnest branches for example.

This is needed to adjust texture scale and for better displacement. Check this tree with a pine bark and displacement, it looks great on the trunk, ok on the medium branches and awful on the thinner ones:


Just to let you guys know, I’m currently rewriting Modular Tree in c++, and things are going smoothly !


Welcome back!! are you rewriting like an addon? or, Like a separate application from blender? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: