Modulator - A New workflow with modular assets


We are working on an awesome addon to place and manage modular assets. The expected release date is 27 September, and while I am working on some asset packs, I try to tailor the assets to your needs. Hence I started this thread before release to post some polls.

Earlier I posted two polls on Twitter. Here are the poll results:

Here is a sneak peek:

If you are a creator of modular assets, we might be able to help. Drop by on Discord: Please use the channel called collaborate.

The addon is as good as ready. All that’s left is creating some asset packs to start with. We try some assets to build a street with buildings in cyberpunk style. For each asset pack are loads of things to consider, like:

  • The assets need to be game-ready?
  • Procedural shaders or PBR textures preferred?
  • Real-life scale, or scaled-down?
  • Exact real-life dimensions or make it more snappable (0.1m, 1m, 1.5m, 3m, etc.).
  • Walls with a thickness or not.

At the moment, we have assets like:

  • Buildings without wall thickness, interesting shapes (sci-fi) but no details
  • Tissue profiles
  • Curve profiles (to use the modular assets with an array- and curve modifier).
  • Decals (emission) with basic shapes. You can change the color.
  • Walls, floors, greebles, primitives

Here two examples:

To pimp the modular assets up, we used some inserts.

Buildings with interesting shapes and without details.

If you are interested and have ideas, feel free to drop a comment.


The modulator is under review on Blender Market. Meanwhile, I work on a new asset library.
What do you prefer?:

  1. Assets that are merge-able.
  2. Assets that have baked textures.

Here is an example of assets:

You’re a couple days out, how about a video with more about the addon, how you use it and what it can do? Is it going to be on Gumroad?

It will be on Blender Market (after approval). And I am going to work on the video tomorrow you are asking for. I’ve spent more time than expected on a modular asset pack that is snap-able and merge-able.

I made a quick video with an overview, especially for you:

Let me know what else you want to see, or what you think.


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Thanks, that looks really useful!

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If you can’t wait, this video might help: How to install Modulator. It installs like any other addon. However, you need also to load at least one library.

The basics are always boring, but handy to know before you start. For the basics of Modulator this speedy instruction video:

Let’s jump to the magic soon

Yes! Modulator released on Blender Market


Latest update (28 September, 2021)

Coming updates:

  • Auto-hide N-Panel when selecting assets
  • Option to append or link assets
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Hi, there are quite some updates, here they are:

  • There are loads of options in the Properties Panel > Active Tool for Grid-, Surface- and Scatter snapping. For the grid, this is like the appearance of the grid, Scale Step, rotate step (which is 45 degrees by default). For other Snapping modes, there are similar options.
  • There is now an option to Link or to Append the assets. The default has changed to Append. So now you can edit the assets right away. But if you want to take advantage of Linking, mark the checkbox “Linked.”

In the downloads, you will find version 1.5. That is the latest version. More documentation will follow, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to drop by on Discord

The best is to uninstall the Modulator addon, restart Blender and install version 1.5. Then, if the Modulator doesn’t work as expected, unload the libraries with the - button and reload them again with the + button.

Enjoy the updates!

Hi, there is an update for the Modulator. The update:

  • Auto-hide/show of the N- and T-Panels. This way, you don’t need to prepair the 3D view with Modulator, and you can use Ctrl+Enter straight away.

So in the download, you will find version 1.7.
There is also version 1.8 and which is the same, but shows Blender’s own grid at the background. If you see a chance to let us know what you prefer that would be awesome.

If you want to follow the latest news or get involved in the development of the Modulator, feel free to join our Discord channel.

Article about the Modulator addon that explains why the Modulator invites a magic workflow:

There is an update of Modulator (V1.9) that solves an issue with background rendering.
Working on some more updates today. We try showing shortcuts, a documentation/contact tab, and a new mesh tool.

Modulator V2 released with loads of updates:

9 October 2021:

  • Version 1.9: Fixed an issue when using background render.

10 October 2021:

  • Help panel with links to support, tutorials, and basic shortcuts. More shortcuts will be in the Selector (modal) in the next update.
  • Edge2curve operator. Edit tool for modeling. It uses a curve with solidify modifier.
  • Face2WeightPaint. A unique tool that allows you to model with weight paint from selected faces to a new mesh.
  • Button: Select Linked (Object Data). There is a shortcut for that, but a button at the right place comes in handy.

11 October 2021:

  • Display shortcuts in Selector (modal)
  • An operator that is using the Tissue add-on to Tesselate selected faces with a profile. There are profiles included in the libraries.

The red pill or the blue one?

Modulator V2 released:

It reminds me of the war cgonfire said, looking at my code. He taught me how to fix it, and here is the bugfix for the tessellation feature in Modulator:

Update Modulator to V2.0.3: Auto Save Libraries. So no need anymore to save startup file. The libraries got saved automatically.

Modulator updated for Blender 3.1.
Thanks, @iyadahmed and Kevin for coding and the community feedback on Discord.

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