MoeeHawk Stuff

Hello every one, I’ve been commenting on alot of people’s creations and I thought it was about time i started my own thread, I can’t post any pictures yet, but I thought I could dicuss some of my concepts and get suggestions from the many people on this site.

Please do keep in mind that I draw manga, which is basicaly Japanese comic-books. I normally draw my characters at four head-lengths and this is considered chibi.

All of my art is, by my knowledge, origional and I do not intend to plajorise any one else’s creations. If I make any reference to any real people or other ceations they are purely fictional.

So, without fureter delay. I’d like to present to all of you the concept on which my manga is based.

There lives a man whith a mohawk his name being Mr. MoeHawk ( commonly refered to as Mr. Moe .) He rules over the most powerful business ever created. Under his command is an army of workers which do all of his work for him for only minimum wage. To keep his vast amount of workers Mr. Moe ( being the scientist that he is ) created 20 G. E. E.'s or Geteticaly Engineered Executioners. Pusishment is swift for any who would disobey. Any offence to anyone made by a worker can result in immediate docking of said worker’s pay. But there’s one thing I forgot to mention, this is a comedy and is based on the life and times of said workers and Mr. Moe along with his G. E. E.'s. Hawk industries primarily produces mohawks ( Yes, mohawks. Who could have gussed ), but it also produces and sells all of the other inventions Mr. MoeHawk has created. Mr. Moe hawk may be a genius, but he’s not all that bright and often makes stupid decisions.

Please post any comment you want, even if it’s vicious criticism!

How can I delete threads, I accadintally posted this thread twice:(

I don’t think you can, I have notified the mod’s of this problem . . . so they will probably end up locking this thread at their discretion or something.