Moley BWC '09 - Journey to the Next World

Hi all. Looking forward to putting alot of work into this. I have spent a week or so thinking about the theme and my idea is this:

An ancient battlefield, a general is struck down by an arrow, his soldiers can be seen dropping their weapons and running to his aid. A pair of angels are flying in from the heavens above and a pair of demons are seen crawling up from the bowels of the earth.

I did an initial sketch in gimp:

However I wasn’t happy with how the demons are just crawling over what would be rocks coming off a mountain which leaves the general with his back against a wall and no real place for his army to be.

So I went into blender to block in the scene as I find it easier to visualise things in 3d:

There’s the angels in the top left and demons in the bottom right as before however now there’s no mountain, he’s on a field with his army and the demons are coming up from what would be a ‘cut away’ section of the ground.

I know it’s not alot to show so far, I want to make sure I have the composition right before moving on.

Thoughts so far?