Mondrian City - Abstract Piece


An “abstract” scene of what I call a “Mondrian City”. Constructed with a little python script that begins with a plane,
subdivide the plane, random selection of faces, extruding and repeating again!!! Finally a 2D image texture (from an abstract
digital piece of myself) is applied to the resulting object. My first experiment with Python scripting!! I am interested
in the distortion of 2D images when projected on 3D complex objects. Need to experiment with other materials and
lighting schemes.

mecobi (aka GarabatosPR)


The process sound very cool. And from what I can tell the structures look interesting, but the garish clashing colours and lines makes it very hard to see what’s actually there, can you do a render in a simple matcap?

Yes…you are right. The 3D structures is complex and detailed…is hard to see…needs a simpler 2D texture…I am attaching a few single color
pieces and another version with a “simpler” 2D texture.

A few more pics…

Yes, you are right…the 3D structures are complex …Is better with a simpler image texture…


Damn, that’s really cool. Thanks for doing the simple shaded versions. Is the posses only extracting in the z axis? It looks like there are some x and y extrusions too but not as many. Very interesting results either way.

Thanks! The extrusion are in any direction x,y, z but anyway is biased in the +z direction.
Can be modified to exclude the other directions. I am thinking that adding some primitive
color/material to the selected faces may result in some interesting abstract and colored
structures. Nee to work that out… I am attaching the code if you want to play with it…is
very simple and “I think” is self-explanatory.


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