monitor calibration should be standardised

i think that display calibration should be locked, so that no matter what monitor you are using, the image will at least look simaler. for example most lcd monitors i have used come with all the settings on max, witch results in over saturated reds, and washed out blacks. i know that other variables affect monitor output, ambient lighting intensity/ colour, room temperature? etc but removing 1 variable would at least help.
whenever i try to make a dark image(witch looks fine on my monitor) and post it somewhere, the furst response i get, ITS TO DARK!:spin:
or sometimes when i use a different comp, a image witch is suppost to be night looks like the middle of the day:(

There is a standard - it’s called sRGB. You can use it as your display profile. It would be good if the whole process was easier though because sRGB is completely desaturated and when you try to get a better desktop experience by using deeper profiles like Adobe RGB, things get a bit confusing.

What then happens is that on the same display, if you open an image in Photoshop with the Adobe color space and then open the same image in an image editor that isn’t color managed and your display profile is different, the same image looks different side by side.

You should aim to comply with sRGB when posting online. I just have all my profiles set to sRGB and it seems to work out ok and I don’t see a great deal of difference between my CRT at home and my LCD at work, though the LCD is still a bit brighter.

You might be interested in something like this.

It took me a week to calibrate my monitor. I used a second monitor, some crappy calibration program, and my own eyes to get it where it is now. The current calibration settings I recorded to a text file, of which is also backed up on another hard drive!