(jonas reiff) #1

Hi, i made my monitor today. I use YAFRAY for the render :slight_smile:


(mzungu) #2

Nice! Needs something on the screen, and it looks like the stand is off-center…

(dragonzero) #3

did you use any reference pictures ? because it seems like the base is off center , but that could be manufactures privilage , that is the case on my dell lcds (dual configuration = base is off center so it can attach to second panel )

also are there any icons for the buttons ? sometimes there engraved above the buttons or engraved to let a led shine behind them for ex. power buttons on dell monitors have a clear power icon , when in standby they are orange , and on they are green

(jonas reiff) #4

Yes, i got that monitor, i try to make. I have put the base in too center now.
Here is a picture of the monitor
in the tiny dot next too the biggest bottom, there wil be a green light when there is power on.

(dragonzero) #5

well from looking at the reference photo , id say you did a good job putting in the buttons , but they seem to be too low on the frame , try extending the bottom of the frame a little to fix that

(jonas reiff) #6

Ok, now i got a new render. Next time i render, i put textures on, like the acer logo in left top.

(dragonzero) #7

looks like the buttons are in the right place now , could you do us a favor and take a screenshot of the wireframe for the stand it looks like you have it dead on , but the angle and lighting is preventing me from being able to tell

all in all good work :wink:

(jonas reiff) #8

here is a screenshot.

(indigomonkey) #9

Could you render it from a slightly different angle? The face-on view doesn’t allow you to tell much about it! :wink:

(dragonzero) #10

ok , i understand why it looks strange , i found a small photo of the side of the unit , and it is the strangest hinge i have ever seen ,… most flat panels attach higher up to maintan center of gravity , this thing :< :-? …
criticisim for manufactuer not artist …
although the base looks funny to me it is the way it is 8)


(StrikerMunc) #11

hey, take a screen shot of the wireframe, and apply it as a texture to the screen!

(jonas reiff) #12

Here is it from an other angel.