Monkey animation is slowing down the site

The loading of the monkey between thread views is ok and fun I guess but it’s slowing down viewing threads.

Desktop (Chrome, 400mb): It use to be instant load when opening up a thread. Also the “Back” button also triggers monkey animation too.

Mobile (Safari, same connection) : Loading threads has monkey delay. On mobile Safari Back button is still instantaneous load.


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Ya know, when I first saw it, I thought, “Cute.”
Now, though, I want it to be gone. I’m an old guy and I remember putting something similiar on a site when they were all dialup.
lol, talk about slowing the site.

To the webmaster: I like it. But it takes the professionalism of the site down a peg or two.

I highly highly doubt this claim, I just replaced one image with another in CSS and no server side code has been changed :thinking:

You know what? I’ve been thinking the same after looking at it for 24 hours. Perhaps it’s too big/too much and just a more subtle 2D suzanne making a simpler animation could be better…

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Yup, I erased all of that part…
I was gonna suggest some slick animation that someone has done. Seems it would look better as a 2d piece, too. One of those soothing animations.
For whatever reason, 3d doesn’t look good on most web pages. Or not that kind.

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hasnt got any slower here. perhaps its just drawing your attention to realise how long pages take to load normally.

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no slow downs here.
please dont remove
-i love it

I really like the monkey! And haven’t noticed any loading issues with it.

Do it like Google where on holidays and weird days it comes back, e.g. Newton’s Birthday there’s an apple falling on her head.

@bartv: I also dont think this slows anything down after it has been loaded the first time, delays are just more prominent now, as the animation visualizes the time between the click and the display of the site now. And the more I see it the more I think its too much :hushed:
Perhaps something like a smaller 2D suzanne icon with some circular loading dots around it or something that just appears more occasional like an easteregg would fit better.


I think this may be the case. I was thinking the same thing after @bartv said it’s just an image and should cause a slow down.

I think this was what I’m noticing. :grimacing:

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Agree with You

i find the monkey a bit distracting /annoying - even when i try to put in an quick emoji its there… I prefered the site without it. sorry just being honest :sweat_smile: